About Coyne Learmonth, Solicitors

What makes us special?

Clients are represented on a no win, no fee basis in the absence of a legal expenses insurance policy.

We understand that for many people a vehicle is a necessity and that being involved in an accident can have major knock on consequences if a vehicle is rendered unroadworthy. Due to this we are close to recovery credit hire services which means that accident victims are provided with a like-for-like vehicle while we arrange for repairs to be made. We seek to recover those credit hire costs from the insurance company representing the other driver.

We work closely with taxi drivers referring them to specialist credit hire services which include providing a like-for-like licensed hackney carriage or plated private-hire vehicle until their vehicle damage claim is resolved.

We are very proud of our nationwide service. Our excellent advocates represent all sectors of the community and we have a very diverse client base. Many of our clients come from different cultural backgrounds and so we have worked hard to truly understand and respond to any needs that may arise from these differences.

We have represented the Claimant in the landmark case of KEARSLEY Vs KLARFIELD, in which guidance was given on the way in which Low Velocity Impact cases are to be pleaded. These guidelines were later developed by the Court of Appeal in the subsequent case of CASEY Vs CARTWRIGHT.

We are true leaders in our field and have brought and won landmark cases in specialist traffic accident cases such as injuries caused by Low Velocity Impact (crashes at low speed), which are often highly contested and should only be brought by specialist solicitors like Coyne Learmonth.