About Coyne Learmonth, Solicitors

The Company

Coyne Learmonth are a specialist firm of solicitors based on Merseyside providing help to those who have suffered loss or personal injury due to any form of vehicle accident nationwide. We are also specialists in Credit Hire Claims.

We like to speak in plain English and that's exactly what we do when we give Legal Advice. What motivates us is helping you to understand your case. Baffling jargon isn't what you need. Results are.

Growing steadily over thirty years or more, we are proud to say we have been getting those results. Our staff and teams work together in an open culture paying ruthless attention to detail. This is our strength, establishing our local and national reputation for professionalism and integrity and, at the same time, winning millions of pounds in compensation for our clients and constantly improving our standards.

Standards like these keep clients coming. Satisfied clients spread the word and we are proud to say that we obtain referrals from other firms of Solicitors. We consider this to be high praise indeed and an indication that we are doing things right. In addition we accept referrals from those high quality Claims Management Companies who can meet our exacting standards.

We continue to offer nationwide training by way of seminars up and down the country to Claims Management Companies and Credit Hire Companies.

Integrity - we cannot support a case that is known or suspected to be fraudulent. Our staff have undertaken anti-fraud training and the firm provides support and training to commercial suppliers of business on how to avoid becoming involved in fraudulent cases. This is of great benefit to all our clients as we believe we are highly respected by the legal profession and the insurance industry, who realise that the cases we bring are genuine and is part of our legal responsibility to the insurance fraud bureau.

We are founder members of Lawyers Against Fraud which is an organisation set up to identify and eradicate fraudulent claims form our industry. You can visit at www.lawyersagainstfraud.co.uk to find out more.

We are not afraid of litigation and will push to get our clients the best results as quickly as possible. We always act in the best interests of our clients and we continue to strive and develop a national reputation for the highest standards of service, professionalism and integrity.

We are members of the Motor Accident Solicitors Society and are fully committed to this society's objectives: "bringing justice to the victims of road traffic accidents".

Here at Coyne Learmonth we provide our clients with the ability to track their case at every stage through use of specialist online case tracking software Proclaim. If we are dealing with a case you would like to track please click here to gain access and have your username and password ready.

If you would like further information about working with Coyne Learmonth or to gain free advice on a road traffic accident claim please contact us on 0151 931 2841 e-mail or complete our online enquiry form.