No win, No fee!

Please download our notes on funding your claim. In a nutshell, if your case is accepted and you have no Legal expenses cover or the Legal expenses cover is inadequate for any reason we will take your case if we accept it on a Conditional Fee basis. This is sometimes known as a No Win No Fee basis. If the case is won the Defendant will be responsible for your legal costs. If the case is won you will be responsible for your legal costs but you will be able to recover part of these costs from the Defendant.

If the case is lost but includes a claim for Personal Injury then any Order for Costs made against you will be unenforceable against you provided your claim is not fundamentally dishonest. If your claim includes vehicle hire you should consider taking out an After the Event insurance policy to protect you from having to pay Defendants costs. Such a policy is also available to protect you in a case where liability is agreed but you fail to beat the Defendants offer for your Personal Injury claim.